microdosing mushrooms

Microdosing Guide

Wondering what is microdosing?

Microdosing mushrooms. Consuming little, imperceptible doses of a psychedelic chemical, often in the range of 50-250mg, is known as microdosing. This dosage differs from a recreational dose in that users are still able to operate normally. Indeed, many users claim improved attention, clarity, creativity, and empathy, among other benefits.

When should I microdose?

Take our microdose four days on, three days off, or as needed. If you take it too regularly, your body will develop a tolerance to it, reducing its effectiveness. Take it with coffee in the morning and your to-do list won’t stand a chance. microdosing mushrooms

Is microdosing risky?

The risk of ingesting magic mushrooms is modest, and it is considerably lower when doses are kept at a micro level. But, as with everything else in your life, moderation is key.

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Read more about the benefits of magic mushrooms

Microdoses of hallucinogenic mushrooms have been shown to benefit mood and mental health.

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