To discover your optimum dose, select your desired level of strength and effects from our instructions below! This guide is a summary of the average user experience; everyone’s body’s processing time, trip experiences, and effect durations will differ. Beginners should start slowly until they are confident in increasing their dose. Check out our Magic Shroom Capsules & Shroom Edibles & Gummies


0.33 – 0.99g (1 – 3 squares)
Microdosing is the practice of ingesting little doses of psilocybin. There will be little to mild hallucinatory effects, but there are numerous health benefits to incorporating microdosing into your wellness program. The effects of microdosing can vary according to the individual, so start with the smallest amount if you don’t want to go on a full-blown trip! Find out more about Microdosing Schedule.

– Enhanced inventiveness
– Enhanced mood
– improved concentration and attention to detail
– Moderate euphoria
– Introspection, existential thoughts

Moderate Dose

1.32 – 2.31g (4 – 7 squares)
A moderate dose will result in a full-fledged psychedelic psilocybin trip. There may be spiritual, healing, or life-changing experiences while in this state. For beginners, this dose may be too strong. Always start with a smaller dose if unsure of your body’s reaction to psilocybin.

– Psychedelic journey
– Heightened physical sensations
– Time and sound distortion
– Strong visual effects
– Feelings of peace
– Deep emotions


2.64 – 4g (8 – 12 squares)
A megadose will induce a major trip. All of the previously mentioned effects will gain potency and strength. Not to be taken casually, at this stage supervision is recommended.

– Major psychedelic trip
– Euphoria
– Dissociation from the physical body
– Intense visuals with eyes closed
– Memory retrieval
– Ego-death

Hero Dose

This stage should only be attempted after years of experimentation with dosing psilocybin. This experience is unpredictable and can possibly result in very negative and long-lasting effects if unprepared. Do not do this casually.


  • Life-changing psychedelic trip
  • Inability to differentiate between thought and physical reality
  • Deep spiritual journey
  • Sense of nothingness
  • Loss of identity
  • New dimensions, parallel realities, alternate universes, aliens

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