How to order

Step 1: Simply add your desired items to the cart. We have 5 categories Magic Mushroom strains, Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars and Edibles, Magic Mushroom Capsules, Kratom and Mimosa, Synthetic Hallucinogen Drugs (LSD, DMT, MDMA……)

Step 2: Once you’re done, click the cart button on the top right-hand side of the page and click “Checkout”.

Step 3: Fill in your shipping information.

Step 4: Choose your preferred payment method; Bitcoin, CashApp, Zelle, or PayPal, and then click the “Place Order”

Step 5: Your Order will be forwarded to us. Stay calm, we will reply to you via email or phone number with payment details

Bitcoin Payment (20% Off)

Since psychedelics are illegal, most customers prefer paying via bitcoin since bitcoin payments are easier to make than PayPal, CashApp, or Zelle. Simply enter the recipient’s address, and the payment amount and press send. You as a customer are in full control of the transaction; it is impossible for us as a merchant to force unwanted or unnoticed charges.

Bitcoin payments can be made without any personal information tied to the transactions, offering strong protection against identity theft. Your payment is received almost instantly (about 10 minutes after you send it) so we can start preparing your order ASAP. All you need to do when making payments is to copy our bitcoin wallet address which you will find on our checkout page or you can have it here; bc1q63p083hpjcjcdpkt7xdyw0nx70w9f5ynme9gpe

How to get bitcoins

PayPal Payment

PayPal provides an easy and quick way to send and request money online. You can transfer money (abroad) to family, friends, online shops, and auction sites like eBay.

N.B  Since psychedelics are illegal, all PayPal payments are sent as Friends and Family. Any payment sent as Goods and Services will not be shipped nor refunded. The client will have to wait for 180 days to get an auto refund from PayPal. To avoid that, always make sure you are sending as Friends and Family

Don’t know how to send as Friends and Family? Read the guidelines below

What are PayPal friends and family?

When you send or request money through your personal PayPal account, you can choose whether it’s a “Friends and Family” payment or a “Goods and Services” payment.

How do I  Pay as friends and family?

In order to send money using PayPal to friends and family, both you and the recipient need to have a PayPal account (you can set one up for free). 

Sending money with PayPal friends and family only takes a few steps:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Send
  3. Under Send money, Paste the email we will send to you
  4. Enter the payment amount, add a note (optional) and click continue.
  5. When prompted, select Sending to a friend

You can also send friends and family payments using the PayPal app. The process is pretty similar on the app. From your PayPal app, here’s how to send money:

  1. Tap Send near the bottom of the screen.
  2. Paste the Email we will send to you.
  3. Enter the amount, choose the currency, add a note (optional) and tap Next.
  4. Select  “Friends and Family” and tap Next.
  5. Select how you want to pay and tap Next.


  • Buy $300+ of Products & Get 1 LSD TAB FREE
  • Buy $500+ of products & Get 2 LSD TAB and a gram of DMT, or MDMA
  • For all Orders paid by bitcoin (20% off), they will be receiving a shroom vape or a shroom bar in their package. Thank you

Still, having difficulties sending money to Friends and Family? Write us on LiveChat, If you’re on WhatsApp, you can still write us on WhatsApp, or email us

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