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Albino Louisiana mushrooms, A variety of species and strains of mushrooms can grow naturally in the state of Louisiana due to the subtropical climate, including Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Albino Louisiana). Who created this strain for commercial use is unknown. This is a rare strain, and due to its slow growth and difficult growing circumstances, few mycologists are producing spores or growing this strain.

Large, dazzling white heads and shorter stems are characteristics of Albino Louisiana mushrooms. It takes a very long time for this strain to fruit, and it grows with very little natural light. Because of the greater caps to stems ratio, expect more potency.

Our staff members have noted higher than normal potency, lots of energy, vivid aftereffects, and a modest physical high. Each person’s experience will be unique and will rely on their goals, surroundings, and objectives.

Albino Louisiana mushrooms in stock for sale in Oregon, USA

After taking these magic mushrooms for 10 to 40 minutes, you’ll experience an uplifted feeling of elation and excitement. You may notice minor to significant visual enhancements, depending on the dosage. You might notice that everything seems to be breathing, that nature seems to be more alive, and that you are thinking within. You will have a greater appreciation for music and art, and you might be able to relate to them on a more intimate level. Music and art will look and feel different.


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