Blue Honey (psilocybin-infused honey)


Magic mushrooms have the most options for consumption methods of any psychedelics. You can eat them as fast as you can, turn them into a mind-blowing lemony mess, or prepare a mild tea and sip to your heart’s pleasure. Or, if you prefer sweet things, you can make blue honey, which tastes and looks incredible.


Blue honey. Psilocybin-infused honey, or “blue honey,” is sweet and tasty and contains a hallucinogenic substance. Looks good, doesn’t it? Mushroom honey is a genius method to consume mushrooms without having to gag through mouthfuls of dry stems. It is simple to create and may be as potent as you like. Mushroom honey is even better because it practically lasts forever as honey does! It is therefore one of the greatest methods for preserving your mushrooms securely in addition to being delicious.

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Benefits of Magic mushroom honey

  • As already mentioned, honey acts as a fantastic preservative that will keep your mushrooms viable indefinitely.
  • As there is no cooking required to make blue honey, there is no risk of destroying your mushrooms. High heat will destroy psilocybin.
  • Easy to dose—eventually! Once you’ve figured out the dosage for your jar of honey, you will know how many teaspoons you need to take to ascend.
  • Likewise, you can control the potency from the beginning. By managing the honey to mushroom ratio, you can make a mixture that is as strong or as weak as you’d like.
  • Last but not least, it’s delicious!


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