Lizard king mushroom


STRAIN: Lizard King, LK, LK Cubensis

SPECIES: Psilocybe Cubensis

POTENCY: Moderate

EFFECTS: Lizard King Dried Magic Mushrooms are a good beginner-level fungus that is becoming popular among magic mushroom aficionados. Known for being a joyful, energetic trip with a mellow out-of-body high and great visuals. Excellent for outdoor activities like hiking or a day at the beach.


Buy lizard king mushrooms. Magical Lizard King Dried Northern Mexico is where the Psilocybe Cubensis strain, often known as LK, is found in mushrooms. The mythical ethnomycologist known as Lizard King gave this magical fungus its name. The individual, known as Lizard King, is recognized as a significant contributor to domesticating this Psilocybin Cubensis and is credited with discovering several more valuable specimens in Northern Mexico.

In the USA, Canada, and other countries, Lizard King Dried Magic Mushrooms are a highly sought-after mushroom variety. This is a good entry-level mushroom and is quickly becoming a favorite among fans of magic mushrooms. A pleasant, energizing trip with powerful visuals and a relaxed out-of-body high is well-known. Excellent for outdoor pursuits like hiking or spending the day at the beach

This mushroom strain is thought to have become well-known in the 1960s. Jim Morrison, the lead singer for the Doors, went under the stage name Lizard King and got the moniker from his time spent residing with desert reptiles including lizards and snakes.

The strength of Lizard King Dried Magic Mushrooms ranges from normal to above average, and they are certain to elevate mood and enthusiasm levels. The correct amount of Lizard King can bring about a life-changing spiritual experience.

Psychedelic experience

The effects begin to take action 10 to 30 minutes after ingestion, and the consumer starts to feel exhilaration, excitement, and improved emotions right away. You can connect with others and the world around you by connecting with your inner self and The Lizard King. For those looking to get high while enjoying nature, this strain is ideal. It gives you a minimal body high.

Depending on the dosage, you may suffer mild or severe visual hallucinations. The majority of users have described Lizard King’s effects as “life-changing,” saying that they cause the user to have intense sentiments, deep reflections, and occasionally mystical experiences.

Buying Lizard King mushrooms in the USA

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