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Enigma mushroom is a truly unique and extremely rare mutation of Penis Envy x B+ hybrid (TidalWave). This shroom variety almost looks like a human brain that is white with common blue bruising. It is known to be one of the most potent magic mushroom strains available.

The Enigma Psilocybe Cubensis produces a blob-like formation that somewhat looks like a brain. It is reported to be exceptionally potent, and these reports have been confirmed by laboratory testing as an Enigma mutation that won the Psilocybin Cup testing at just over 3.8% Tryptamine content! enigma mushroom

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The Enigma mutation was first found as a Penis Envy X B+ hybrid (TidalWave), however, there are now Enigma-like mutations that have been observed in several other varieties. This Enigma comes from the TidalWave mutation.

The physical characteristics of this variety typically consist of a thick, dense blob of mycelium that often forms a rippling pattern reminiscent of the human brain. It can take several months for Enigma blobs to form, and they increase in potency the longer they are left. They can be grown in a similar fashion to Cubensis (the same environment and mediums can be used), and they are ready to harvest when they begin to turn blue.


7 grams, 14 grams, 1 Oz, 1/4 LB, 1 LB, Grow kit

12 reviews for Enigma magic Mushroom

  1. Darline

    Excellent quality. Well packaged. Excellent harmony was achieved. Would do so once more

  2. Alasadi Ryane

    My first experience with the mush sold on this website. They were highly suggested by a friend, and I was given a sample to test out at an early stage, both of which contributed to my decision to make this purchase. Each and every time was a fantastic and emotional experience, and it was extremely pleasant to micro-dose in addition to macro-dosing. Potent too! Extremely satisfied, and will definitely make other purchases. I will mention, though, that it has the traditional taste of nasty mush, haha

    • admin

      Hi Alasadi, thank you for trusting us. We appreciate

  3. Gilbert Jo

    They are able to fulfill all of my requirements ( mind at ease and great for colors)

  4. Durand

    Some of the most bizarre visuals I’ve ever been exposed to

  5. Mendoza Kelly

    Pleasant product; we plan to purchase it again.

  6. Kelvin Batiste

    still have a ways to go before completing this voyage; for the time being, I’ll give it a 3 lol I’m sure ill regret it but the mush will teach me lol.

  7. Dannielle Christopher

    Incredible warm and fuzzy feelings; they are my favorite strain. Thanks, guys!!!

  8. Jumihara Khan

    The best vacation I’ve ever had! I solemnly swear that if every person in the world tripped over one of these infants right now, we could have global peace by the time tomorrow rolls around.

  9. Maria Effeti

    What a magnificent mushroom!! Surprisingly, as the journey was winding down, I got a serious case of the munchies! It never felt right to eat much when on a trip, and I would generally feel a little nauseated afterward; but, eating with these Enigma shrooms is so pleasurable, and I have not had any nausea as a result of doing so. Overall, I was rather impressed, and I really recommend giving it a shot!

    A few things that came to my attention
    My palms started to get a little sweaty, but I was able to sleep after that!
    I experienced feelings of cognitive clarity as well as euphoria, along with some light tracing.
    I got a severe case of thirst and I didn’t think that water would be able to satisfy it, but a Pazzaz apple, which is small but has the ability to quench your thirst, did the trick perfectly!

    So make sure you always have some Enigma magic mushrooms.

  10. Dylan Caleb

    They are the source of most of my comedic relief. I only use very little doses for recreational purposes.

  11. Benjamin Leonard

    one of my most cherished kinds of mushroom

  12. Andrew George

    I had high hopes for this one. But it wasn’t what I had hoped for. It was nice and calm, but I wanted to see more.

    • Khane Robert

      Hi Andreww, we’re sorry, we think increasing your dose will help get what you’re looking for. Thank you

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