LSD gel tabs


Gel tabs are the new generation of LSD administration. They last longer in storage, can hold more LSD per 1/4 inch square, and kicks in about 50% faster than conventional blotters.

While the LSD contained within blotters and gel tabs is the same, the capacity to hold more LSD can technically make gel tabs more powerful. However, this is only true if the gel tab actually contains more LSD.


LSD gel tabs uk. LSD gel tabs resemble traditional LSD blotters, except instead of paper, they’re constructed of a thin gelatin square injected with LSD. A single dose of LSD is contained in each LSD gel tab. They’re utilized in the same way as regular blotter papers are. A single tab is placed under the tongue, where it is absorbed by a network of microscopic capillaries lining the tongue’s base.

How to take it?

The most frequent technique to utilize LSD gel tabs is to hold them under the tongue for around 10 minutes before swallowing the rest.

You can also simply eat the tab as is, although this may not deliver the same level of dosage efficiency as holding the tab under your tongue. LSD gel tabs UK, Canada

Difference between LSD gel tabs and LSD blotters

Potency Can hold up to 500 mcg LSD(Most often contains 100–15 mcg) Can hold up to 200 mcg(Most often contains 100–150 mcg)
Design LSD-infused gelatin Absorbant blotter paper soaked in LSD
Onset Time Effects begin within 15–30 minutes Effects begin within 30–60 minutes
Microdosing Easy to microdose by cutting into smaller pieces Easy to microdose by cutting into smaller pieces

10 hits (150ugs), 50 hits (150ugs), 100 hits (150ugs), 10 hits (250ugs), 50 hits (250ugs), 100 hits (250ugs), 10 hits (400ugs), 50 hits (400ugs), 100 hits (400ugs)


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