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lsd test kit. One vial of Ehrlich’s reagent is included in our LSD testing kit. Ehrlich’s turns purple in the presence of LSD, assisting in the elimination of 25i-NBOMe, a highly poisonous and extremely hazardous substance that is sometimes marketed as LSD. Each kit contains 50-75 tests. One free fentanyl testing strip is included. lsd test kit

Shipped discreetly in a little box with the return address “D.S.” Mon-Fri, 11 a.m. PST (2 p.m. EST), overnight shipping is possible.

Why try LSD?

In recent years, a new substance known as 25i-NBOMe has arisen on the illicit drug market. This substance, like LSD, is active at the microgram level and can be easily absorbed into a tiny piece of blotter paper. It can also take the form of a liquid or a powder. 25i-NBOMe provides the same visual effects as LSD, but it has a recognized toxicity profile and can be quite harmful. Dozens of people have died after mistakenly ingesting 25i-NBOMe for LSD.

Ehrlich’s reagent can detect LSD and rule out 25i-NBOMe. Ehrlich’s reagent detects a family of compounds known as “indoles.” LSD is an indole, and all indoles react with Ehrlich’s to generate a purple color. Because 25i-NBOMe is not an indole, it does not react with Ehrlich’s.

While there are other psychedelic chemicals in the indole class, the majority of them are either not orally active or cannot be dosed tiny enough to fit on blotter paper. Unlike LSD, most of them have a distinct, metallic bitter taste.

How do you test LSD?

1 Place a little corner of your blotter paper or gel tab on a white, ceramic plate (or put a drop of your suspected LSD liquid on the plate).

2 Hold the vial about an inch above the sample and carefully place one drop of reagent on it.

3 Keep an eye on the color shift during the next few minutes. Be patient as the reaction may take several minutes. Take care not to mix up the reaction with the purple dye in the blotter art. LSD is clearly indicated by a purple response.


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