Magic truffles (15 grams)

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Magic truffles. The truffles are precious underground-growing fungi that contain the same hallucinogenic chemicals as their above-ground counterpart—psilocybin and psilocin. But they have a personality of their own.

What are the effects of magic truffles?

Most people refer to the trips as fun. Others describe them as deep and introspective. As with any psychedelic, there is a risk that you may have a bad trip. General effects of magic truffles last about 6 to 8 hours, and may include:

  • Connectedness with self, the universe, nature
  • Euphoria
  • Peacefulness
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Quickly changing emotions
  • Feeling detached from reality, dreamlike
  • Visual alteration and distortions
  • Hallucinations
  • Unusual body sensations
  • Distorted thinking

Psilocybin isn’t considered addictive and there are no physical symptoms of withdrawal after use. But it is possible to build up a tolerance or develop a psychological dependence on the substance with repeated, daily use. Are you looking for the best quality truffles? Search no further! Here,  you will only find tried and tested truffles that will give you the psychedelic trip of a lifetime.


Mexicana, Pajaritos, Tampanensis, Dynamite, Hollandia, Utopia, Hawaiian

10 reviews for Magic truffles (15 grams)

  1. Veronica Whitney

    Great service! My truffles arrived within the expected window for international shipping, and the customer service team has been responding to my questions promptly. Would recommend!!

  2. J Monica

    first time truffle-er here. got my order, customer service was great despite my lack of patience. they came wet. we’ll see 😀 thanks!

  3. Melanie Kola

    Very nice doing business with them, I first ordered magic truffles which took about two to two weeks to arrive in the UK untracked delivery and after two weeks I ordered a mushroom grow kit with tracked delivery for an extra fee as I didn’t want to wait too long and it came within a week from the day of ordering, shrooms are growing now and everything is going fine, thank you.

  4. Natasha Lyn

    Can’t wait to order again! Customer service was AMAZING and so are the products. Super discreet and helpful. Thank you!

  5. Ryan Tiffany

    Ordered back in early July, sadly my product didn’t turn up which was out of their control. I contacted customer services and they courteously worked with me to find a resolution which worked for all parties. Highly recommend and will be trying again in future!

  6. Meredith Pearl

    Awesome customer experience and awesome product. Have been discreet trustworthy and supportive of this journey. Love them ❤️🙏🏻

  7. Patricia Reese

    First time using. Will deffo order again. Customer service was spot on.
    Thanks guys 👊🏾

  8. Vanessa Gomez

    2nd time using trippy dispensary. Both excellent experiences! I have no doubt they will keep their highly ethical standards for years to come. Thank you!!

  9. Kenny Black

    Very positive experience dealing with this company. Customer service is top notch and product is of excellent quality. Couldn’t recommend more highly!

  10. Gonzalez Lila

    Absolutely a pleasure to deal with. Excellent communication and updates about your orders. Product well packaged and fresh on arrival, I would highly recommend using Trippy Dispensary. They truly are the best around, I hope to be ordering again very soon. Keep up the brilliant work Trippy Dispensary. 10/10

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