Pink Buffalo Mushroom



STRAIN: Thai Pink Buffalo

SPECIES: Psilocybe Cubensis

POTENCY: Moderate

EFFECTS: The most widely used and easily obtainable variety of dried magic mushrooms is Psilocybe Cubensis. The typical effects of  Thai Pink Buffalo Dried Magic Mushrooms include euphoria, emotions of love and unity, introspection, philosophical thought, synesthesia, visual enhancement, and a perspective that is less influenced by the ego.

Thailand is where the Pink Buffalo variety originated. The Pink Buffalo strain of psilocybin mushrooms was allegedly found by a man by the name of John “Mushroom John” Allen in a field where a sacred Pink Buffalo had been sighted. The psilocybe cubensis strain known as Pink Buffalo produces enormous, dark-capped mushrooms. It is regarded as a strain with high activity. It is thought to colonize quickly and is extremely rhizomorphic.

Pink buffalo mushrooms in stock for sale

Pink buffalo mushroom. This shroom Dried Author “Mushroom” John Allen, known for his writings and a lifelong passion for fungi of all types, is credited with discovering mushrooms. According to legend, he found the strain in a field where a revered pink buffalo had been spotted.

The unusual Psilocybe Cubensis strain known as Thai Pink Buffalo Dried Magic Mushrooms is quickly gaining popularity with magic mushroom connoisseurs.

The most well-known quality of pink buffalo psilocybin mushrooms is its visuals, which are sometimes equated to extremely realistic dreams.


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