True albino teacher mushroom



True albino teacher mushroom, or TAT, is a kind of psilocybin magic mushroom that has many characteristics of the Golden Teacher strain while possessing a stunning, all-white albino look. It’s crucial to note that White Teachers, a different kind of psilocybin mushrooms, are sometimes confused with True Albino Teachers. While White Teachers are leucistic and have relatively low pigment with virtually white fruits, True Albino Teachers are albinos.

Even though they are challenging to obtain, this variety of psychedelic mushroom spores is very well-liked in the genetics study field. True Albino Teacher mushrooms are exceedingly difficult to get spore prints from since they do not release spores very frequently. They can only be obtained in spore syringes and swabs as a result.

Jik Fibs, a mycologist and researcher, isolated a few albino Golden Teacher clusters and raised them into entirely albino canopies in order to find the True Albino Teacher. We are all very grateful that they were subsequently separated and stabilized through a lot of labor-intensive work.

Characteristics of growth: These lovely mushroom spores produce reasonably sizable clusters with milky white long stems, wide and flat white caps, blue-grey spots scattered across the body of the mushroom, and gills. The True Albino Teacher’s spores differ from leucistic kinds of psychedelic mushrooms in that they are slightly transparent or colorless. When these mushrooms reach maturity, they are renowned for resembling white flowers rather than mushrooms. True albino teacher mushroom


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