White Rabbit Mushroom


STRAIN: White Rabbit

SPECIES: Psilocybe Cubensis

POTENCY: Intense

EFFECTS: In the international magic mushroom community, White Rabbit Dried Magic Mushrooms are widely respected for their incredible visual, euphoric, and spiritual experiences. Expect intense hallucinations, unadulterated bliss, and ecstasy, as well as a profoundly spiritual experience.


white rabbit mushroom. If you follow this White Rabbit, you’re sure to fall down the rabbit hole. That’s because White Rabbit magic mushrooms make you feel like Alice in Wonderland.

White Rabbit is a strain as potent as it is beautiful, which is to say, incredibly. You’ll have vivid hallucinations, pure euphoria, and deep spirituality with these incredible magic mushrooms.

However, White Rabbit magic mushrooms have an exciting lineage which is why they look so incredible.

White Rabbit Magic Mushroom Effects

After consuming White Rabbit magic mushrooms, the psilocybin will start to take hold. You’ll find that White Rabbit is a strain that is intensely visual, euphoric, and has a noticeable spiritual aspect.

Taking White Rabbit Magic Mushrooms Recreationally

If you’re looking to have a recreational experience with White Rabbit shrooms, then you’ll need to be careful. That’s because this strain is incredibly potent due to the Penis Envy genetics within it.

Make sure you dose yourself carefully and lightly if you’re taking these shrooms recreationally. If you don’t go overboard, then you’ll feel pure joy with the people and the nature around you.

It may be challenging to keep a smile on your face as vivid colors and geometric patterns splash across your vision.

Remember that magic mushrooms can last upwards of six hours, so you’ll want to be prepared. Make sure to bring enough supplies to last you and your friends the entire trip.

On top of that, make sure that you never do anything dangerous or drive after taking White Rabbit magic mushrooms. It’s best to be at the place you’re going to stay before ingesting any magic mushrooms.

Taking White Rabbit Magic Mushrooms Spiritually

If you’re ready to take a trip down the rabbit hole, then this White Rabbit will lead you there. As long as you take enough psilocybin-containing mushrooms, then you are priming yourself for a mystical experience.

However, taking enough White Rabbit magic mushrooms is only one part of having a spiritual experience. You’ll also need to make some preparations to get you ready for the experience.

Those preparations are known as a concept called set and setting. Having the proper set and setting can help you have an authentic mystical experience.

Breaking down set and setting is simple—it’s just your internal and external environment. For the setting, you want to be in a place that’s comforting, relaxing, and safe.

For set, you’ll need to make sure that your headspace is as clear as possible. In order to do that, you’ll want to take care of all your responsibilities.

We recommend taking a few days off from work and clearing everything from your schedule. That will put your mind at ease and make it easier to blast off into a transformative psychedelic experience.

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